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    I have a bell mobility (Canadian) pre, but spend a lot of time in the states. I would like to get Pandora Radio working, but it has been removed from the app catalog (and more recently, from my phone).

    Has there been any thought into changing the identifier string for the app catalog??

    I found this piece of code in systemproperties.jsjsjs:
    getCarrier: function(callback)
    			callback(true, response['']);
    I don't know if this is against forums rules to post this, but if it is please remove this post.

    I'm just another Canadian, looking to travel to the states with some Pandora Radio to listen to. Thanks!
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    Right now, I think this would be the Holy Grail of patches! Hopefully there's a method to do this...
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    this would make my day, anyone who could get a patch like this would be my hero. We could get all the paid apps and even more. Hopefully someone could figure this out!

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