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    Can somebody write a patch simular to the field plus patch for treo.
    What it does is to modify the keyboard so that when you hold a key down while typing text it will key in the Symbol of the key you held down in stead of the key itself.

    So e.g. if you press and hold N, N will show up but after holding for a period, lets say 0.5s, the patch actually removes the "N" and replaces with a "?"
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    Isn't it actually faster to press the orange button and then the key you want, or pressing the orange button and the key you want at the same time? Even one-handed I think it's faster to press orange then desired key. I've never used the feature before, though, so maybe I'm wrong.
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    it's much much much much faster and most importantly Simpler

    when i say hold down for 0.5s actually maybe 0.2 sec. (whatever fast and userable.)

    the treo patch allows you to adjust the duration of the hold for the change.
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    anyone else interested in this?

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