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    Can someone do this?
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    very good idea.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    i love that idea!!
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    + 2 Yes, pretty please!!

    This is a no-brainer, no? I think it should have been enabled out of the box. You probably can't even buy a decent GPS in portrait mode, if at all.
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    yes please..why didn't I think of it sooner
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    why would you want this? I really can't think of a reason. if you are driving wouldn't you want the map to show you further down the road? So maybe you can see your turn coming up? If you have the phone in landscape the map would have a shorter view do the the aspect ratio. you would see more left to right (where you are not driving) than the direction you are driving.
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    Forget that ^ The option to have landscape navigation would be excellent! Everything is widescreen and whatnot, it just feels more natural.
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    +1 on wanting at least the option
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    So is there a way to do this?
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    You know, other phones with sprint nav have the options. As a matter of fact the moment is at 2.8 and has a much nicer UI and landscape and portrait mode by simply twisting. Google maps doesn't do landscape either. Many apps don't. I noticed that many of the begining frustrations of the iDevices, are present here too (most of their apps were not landscape, no video, app approval though ours is much better, same photo album concept with listing of albums and no subfolders in albums ect.) Not saying it's good nor bad, just stating my observation there Anywho, I hope that the features we have do get some upgrades like sprint nav 2.8 with landscape support and the MUCH clearer voice people are talking about.
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    when do we gonna have this done?

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