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    The launcher opacity patch from WOQI wasn't working anymore, so I followed the instruction in this thread, but they were a bit incomplete

    When I opened the document and ran find on the word "opacity", it only came up with one, which I changed from 0.5 to what I wanted as 0. This didn't work, so I changed it back. Now, when I open my ap launcher, the ap menu in the top is either nonexistant, or it says whatever the last window was instead of "Application" or whatever like it used to. Any suggestions to fix this, or does anyone have a non modified version of the css document?
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    Just an update. I was having my phone looked at for physical issues it was having as well. Apparently, mine was one of the first few batches that had also ended up getting recalled, so this is really a mute point now. When my replacement pre shows up Monday, I will be redoing all of my patches, and give one more update as to this being an ongoing problem or not.
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    New phone, same problem. I think I've narrowed it down to the 'battery icon and percent' patch. When first installed, the battery icon is color coded per the initial pre format. When I removed the patch, the battery icon's color went with it. When reinstalled, the icon's color never came back. this leads me to think that the patch is doing a little more than just adding a %. Anyone else able to verify this? Or anyone know how to fix it?
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    Still looking for a fix of some sort. Not really a big issue, just a really annoying cosmetic one

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