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    I installed it... you sir kick major buttocks. I have hated that "feature" since I got my Pre nearly a year ago.

    After installing the patch, I used the phone as I normally would (FB, email, took a cople pictures, phone call, etc.) and everything seemed ok. Then I did the unthinkable##... I opened the app catalog, went to the update check scren (shopping bag icon), and plowed down the list as fast as I could scroll... BAM... sure enough, it jammed up, lagged, paused, farted, and choked... browser *never* grayed out or refreshed.

    After everything unstuck its self, we were back to business as ususal. So, Dubbya Tee Eff Palm? This was one of the couple things that makes me want to punch babies. The lag, choke, and puke still makes me furious... I would love to se that fixed.

    ## This seems to be a sure fire way for me to always bork the browser.
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    Crap.... I spoke too soon. Still getting greyed out / refreshing browser cards. It does seem to take longer to happen though. I'll have to see how long I can keep it going for without refreshing if I run garbage collectors as soon as the phone starts to bog down.
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    this patch does not work!!
    can someone please suggest a working patch, this thing is driving me nuts!
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    yeah, it doesnt really work for too long

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    thanks for share these good patch
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