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    The area I am in has decent Sprint voice service but only 1X data. I have a Palm Treo 800w. WM6.1 allows you to force roaming. It is a built in option in WM. When that phone is forced to roam, I get better voice service and EV data. I was thrilled when I discovered this because my wife has a Pre and she's been very displeased with it because of the lack of high speed access and poor reception compared to the Treo. I started researching and found this forum. I applied the roam only top bar patch and it works great. However, when the R pops up with service, we're still getting 1X data.

    I've been scanning through the forums and I've seen this subject mentioned but I haven't found a clear cut answer. Why do the roam only patches work with voice roaming but retain 1X data speeds? I have heard several theories involving Alltel vs. Verizon roaming agreemends. I would think that the Pre would roam to the same network that the Treo does. Does anybody have a better idea of what might be going on?
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    i have the same problem. the building i work in has poor sprint coverage, so i use the roam only option and can only get 1x data. i know i can get ev while roaming, but my pre keeps switching back to sprint when it finds a signal. does the roam only patch force 1x data only as well? thanks.

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