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    I performed searched for this topic, but could not find any of relevance.

    It appears Palm may have stripped this functionality from webOS as of 1.3.1 and have not bothered to replace it. I am referring to Pandora's recognition of headset button presses to pause (one press) and advance to the next track (double press).

    It already appears progress is being made on a similar headset jack audio issue ( regarding the speakerphone in the phone app. I am asking if there are any kind, wonderful developers out there who miss this functionality as much as me (and likely many others) enough to do a bit of digging and find a way to get this working again? Perhaps comparing the old code (pre-1.3.1 at least) with the new code to figure out what is missing? I presume it cannot be that hard, and if I had any programming know-how I would definitely tackle this myself. Alas, I am quite inept, and am therefore asking for help from this awesome community of friendly developers.

    jcoolkatzerg is very good at digging into that webOS code; care to lend a hand?

    Jason Robitaille is one of the more familar faces... er, names that come to mind for his prolific list of patches and speedy responses. Jason? Jason? Bueller??

    elryon has some pretty sweet patches that have to do with the messenger and phone apps... any help you can offer since you know your way around the code of those apps?

    My point is I follow a bunch of you guys on these forums and really do appreciate your work. Any and all help on the above matter is greatly appreciated.

    I love being a part of this community.
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