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    Just got a touchstone for the first time... I'm wondering if there are Touchstone specific patches available for the Pre
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    if i remember correctly there is one to keep screen off but thats all im aware of anyone else feel free to correct me if im wrong
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    Also one to keep the screen on I believe. So based on our memories, here are two that would work while charging on the Touchstone (I think they work while both on Touchstone and charging via chord):

    Screen remains on
    Screen remains off

    Feel free to correct us if we're wrong.
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    I just checked the patches in Preware and I can't find the patches to leave the screen off or on/unlocked while charging. Hrm.
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    The patch to leave the screen on is called No Doze, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
    The patch to leave the screen on is called No Doze, I think.
    Finally found it. Not called No Doze, but No Auto-Off While Charging. It is in the Patch type Misc category of Preware. Thanks for the stepping stone to find it, Blaize.
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    There is no patch for it atm, but the Brightness Unlinked app will allow you to keep the screen off while on the touchstone, fyi.
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    Jason is working on a patch that will keep your phne from locking whlie on the TS. It is there (added today I think) but it doesn't exactly work 100% right yet....

    More info here:

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