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    I wrote my first patch today: Launch Camera when Held Sideways and Unlocked.

    In Short:
    Your phone quickly switches to camera mode if you hold it sideways while unlocking.

    This is how you hold a normal camera, and goes the extra mile of also capturing pictures using the volume key -- which is where your fingers expect the shutter button on a camera to be. Thanks to Capture Photo with Volume Button for that.

    The patchfile is attached, so you can see what it's doing.

    I'm still waiting for it to be accepted and packed into PreWare. I'll update when it's available to install as a homebrew patch.

    If you like this patch, let me know so I know I'm on the right track. If you don't, I'd still like to know why it doesn't seem practical.

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    I like idea its just that sometimes when im browsing the internet ill leave it in landscape and then leave it on my desk and then when i come back i assume that it would launch camera which would be kind of difficult is there a way to disable it while im browsing but otherwise great work and good idea
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    The patch is great, but need's some improvments, since it lounchers camera sometimes when i pick up the phone pfom the table and unlock it.

    How do you uninstall the patch?
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    I agree with pman, the patch needs improvement where is only works when you phone is completely in landscape position. It would also be nice it you could toggle it on or off. How do you uninstall the patch?
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    I'm not sure if it is the patch's fault, I'm sure the phone's doing plenty of battery-saving things with the motion sensor when you take it out of sleep, but I eventually did uninstall it because it opened the camera about 1 in 3 times I unlocked the phone in landscape.
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    I had same issue, how do you uninstall it?
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    The Pre takes 3-5 minutes to unlock after installing the patch. And seems to have some glitches even after loading. Nice idea, but had to remove it.
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    IS it possible to only allow the slider mechanism to unlock the camera, rather than a landscape unlock, which happens frequently by accident? I I could launch my camera by holding my phone in landscape, and sliding out the keyboard that would be perfect. Just the unlock alone causes too many accidental camera launches.
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    I tried this - very nice idea dude - but the camera was constantly opening and although I'd catch it many times before it opened, it got too annoying. this is how I disabled it:

    a) Get yourself to the linux command line (use webOS Quick Install).

    b) Move (mv) the current 'cameraLaunch.jsjsjs' ($with$ $the$ $code$ $for$ $this$ $tweak$) $out$ $of$ $the$ $way$:
    mv /usr/palm/applications/ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$phone$/$app$/$extensions$/$cameraLaunch$.$js$.$lcwhsau$.$old$

    c) then, for good measure, copy the original, which shud be there beside it (even though it's 0 bytes):
    cp /usr/palm/applications/$webosinternals$.$orig$ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$phone$/$app$/$extensions$/$cameraLaunch$.$js$

    d) restart the handset.
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    Good thinking but need a lot more work, works in 1 in 3 times. Not reliable.
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    Great patch. I use it often. I would love if you could restrict what the patch considers as "horizontal" though. Thanks!!!
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    There is a lot of buzz about iOS 5 right now, stealing functionality and whatnot. I'll just suggest a similar idea compared to the jailbreak tweak I was using on my iPhone 3GS before I bought my Pre 2. The idea works well with the current patch that allows me to use my volume keys to snap a photo within the camera app. So, I suggest making a patch that allows users to unlock the phone and take users directly into the camera app by holding one of the volume keys for an extended period of time, like two seconds or something. Currently, holding the volume key(s) when the phone is locked does nothing, so I don't see a conflict. I don't want to have to press the unlock button, then remember to hold my phone a certain way before sliding the little unlock ball. It is a great idea, your patch, but I don't think I would use it as is. Thanks for the work, and great job on your first patch! (I've never written one, so I can't really hold a candle to ya lol)
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    I like the idea of using the volume keys. What I think it may works well is using it together with the normal gesture unlock.
    When holding the phone with the left hand, just unlock it as usual with the right hand while hold the volume keys with the left hand's thumb will bring you straight into the camera app.

    Will it be possible?
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    Could you make it launch the camera only if you swipe the unlock down in land scape mode? just a thought that would make it better for me.
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    I tried to update this patch for 2.2.4. I have failed. Any help will be appreciated. My useless version of the patch is below.
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    From the look of things, it looks like the patch is checking orientation constantly while the phone is unlocked. Would it not be better to check it while locked?
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    doesn't even install via internalz. I'll quick install later today.
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    The patch is broken in 2.2.4, using quick install won't make any difference. The patch will have to be rewritten before it'll install. And it's apparently quite buggy at the moment, it needs to be improved a bit to be practical.

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