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    so 90% of the time when my phone goes off its for text/twitter/email so out of habit i slide my phone open as i pull it out of my pocket to check it. well, when its a phone call that answers the call. so either the caller has to listen to me fumble the phone til i realize whats going on and speak (lol) or im stuck talking to them when 75% of the time i just let calls go to voice mall. im really not a phone "talker" lol

    any way to make it so the slide open doesnt auto answer the call? seems like this should be something stock with a toggle in the phone preferences section?
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    Id also like this, im just planning on starting pre development though so im currently looking into this, someone did a patch to slide open and go to loud speaker. I cant imagine that patch being to difficult to modify what we want to do!
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    It was actual a very easy one...I tested on my wife's Sprint Pre with

    Note: I only did a really quick search to see if this had been covered already.

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