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    I'm having my Pre for only 3 days now and I already love you for creating the huge list of useful patches! *thanks*

    Using a german Pre I noticed that all the "top-menu" patches do not seem to work when language is set to german, so I am hoping this special patch I would love to have could be created to work with german localisations aswell.

    I had to use an iPhone untill the Pre was available in my country and the main battery killer on the iPhone was having 3G enabled when not used (especially when coverage is not perfect).
    It seems to me that the Pre suffers from the same problem.
    I'm currently enabling/disabling it opening the phone up, tapping the menu, opening the phone settings scrolling down to "Netzwerktyp" (type of network used) and switching between "Automatisch" and "Nur 2G" ("automatic" and "2G only". - and it's a dreadfull process

    Could anybody please create a patch that puts these 2 Option into the top menu? It would be amazing!
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    Hi there,

    one german Pre user finally ;-)

    I was wondering already why almost all top bar-patches didn't work - at least the ones that change the "middle display", where the clock is shown. Now I know it maybe lies in the german localization.

    About your patch request: I never used that option which you speak of, but would too like it to have. So a +1 from me :-)
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    Hi there from another German Pre User
    Check this thread out, there´s a patch available for Germann Pre´s in this thread:
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    + 1
    waiting for it to be placed into preware for auto install... many thanks

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