I looked long and hard to see if anyone has had this issue but didn't find anything.

A couple days ago I installed music remix and it worked fine. this morning I installed the newest webOS update, and I wanted to install some patches.

When I try to install either a patch or an app (presteriods) I get an error message.

"ERROR: An error occured while attempting to install de.ailis_.presteroids_0.0.3_all.ipk

Installing de.ailis.presteroids (0.0.3) to root...

An error occurred, return value: 28.

Collected errors:
Only have 0 available blocks on filesystem/media/cryptofs/apps/, pkg de.ailis.presteroids needs 1 bad statfs"

After this, the phone would reset, and i'd get Phone offline, my wall paper would be missing, it removes checkbook from the bar.

luckily i found the work around to restore the phone.
turn on bluetooth plus wifi and reset, everything comes back.

Please let me know how I can install some of these awesome patches!