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    Can someone make a patch (1.3.5 compatible) that will hide the icons for:

    Sprint Navigation

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    Great idea. There are a few patches available to hide the sprint tv, nfl, etc but I think this would be a perfect addition to Jason's WebOS QI program to have checkboxes to hide each and any of the "stock" programs that gets forced on our phones. I personally hate them all!
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    agreed, i personally dont use memo's or tasks i just add them to my calendar. as for now all the icons i listed i made a new launcher page at the end of my pages and threw them in there, but it would be nicer if i could get rid of that unneeded page.
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    You can hide any app easily if you know its full name. See Patch Launcher Hide-Delete The NASCAR App - WebOS Internals

    However, I don't know where to find the app names. I used that method above toget rid of sprint app, but I need the full name of Sprint Nav but i dont know where to find it.

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