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    I am looking for a messaging app patch to update the color of the cells on the conversations page to correspond to an inbound / outbound message. The arrows are ok but I would prefer a color scheme similar to what you would find while in a single conversation (ie. green for outbound and blue for inbound messages). My goal is to be able to quickly scan the conversations page to determine what messages have & not been replied to. If there is something else out there that will do the trick I am open to other options. I have seen another idea to change the color of the arrow itself to reflect in / out bound messages. That would work but I would prefer the whole cell to change color. Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Took me a while to read your post and figure out what you were talking about.

    The inbound/outbound arrow that appears in the Conversations list of the Messenger app is unclear to you because the direction of the arrows is left/right and gray for either direction -- which is indeed meaningless unless you memorize it

    I know nothing about themes, but my guess is that should not be difficult to solve. Those arrows are probably only used in the Messaging app, and only for that purpose, and they are probably both PNGs. Shouldn't be difficult to find them, change their colors, and toss them back in.
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    I have attached a couple photos below:

    Screen Capture 1: Messaging App (Conversations List)

    Screen Capture 2: Messaging App (Single Conversation)

    Basically I am looking for the list of conversations to look like an individual conversation where inbound messages are in blue and outbound are in green. Or maybe the inbound message arrow can be highlighted somehow.

    Thank you theweaselslayer for the idea above. I searched through my Pre in USB mode for a *.png file that looked like the arrows but found nothing. I have just started to research how to develop themes and programs but have a little ways to go before I could actually create something.

    I have also done a little searching since then and it looks like I'm not the only one out there with this request however there doesn't seem to be very many solutions.

    If anybody has anything else it would be appreciated.

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    Oh, coloring the cells blue and green in the contacts list would be great too. Maybe that could be done instead of (or in addition to) changing the color of the arrows. Very good idea.
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    The conversation page only has one color that you can change. The arrows are located in the messaging application in the images folder.

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