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    This patches subforum is very messy - please could the powers that be create two subforums to help organize it better?

    1) Patches
    For new and existing patches only. Members can go here to browse working patches without having to trawling through the rest of the stuff. Will effectively build a list of all available patches for WebOS, which would be useful.

    2) Patch Requests
    For members to tell us what they'd like to see or commission specific patches.

    (General patch discussion could continue in the "root" area).
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    I COMPLETELY agree!!!!
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    what happens is some one asks for a patch , well then someone makes it and posts right there in the thread so that person can use it right then instead of waiting for it to come out on preware . i think thats pretty kool they can do that imho
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    read the titles!

    [Patch Request]

    Seems pretty simple to me
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