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    I don't know the first thing about programming any more. Last time I dealt with any of that was a basic high school programming class back in 97 or not only has pretty much all of that left my head I'm pretty sure all of that is useless today anyways.

    Are there any online guides or programs to download in order to figure this out...or is it probably un-advisable. There are only about 3 things that my old Treo could do that my pixi can't and I would love to have these 3 things back.

    1. Ringtone selection for uknown caller (to me this sounds easiest and the only one that would most likely be within my skill set...if you want to call it a skill set)

    2. An app that adds and subtracts time. It can go up to 9999 hours and never auto convert 24 hours into 1 day since I have to add up multiple hours and minutes that pretty often go into the 100's of hours range.

    3. A logbook program for work. I fly airplanes and there is a really nice program that a guy came up with for Palm OS. It keeps track of my schedule as well as many FAA rules on crew flight time and rest. I have heard that this will work with classic emulator, but so far havent been able to find classic emulator on the app catalog on my Pixi. Other downside is that the guy has openly said that he is actively working on a new program for full sized computers and that once he is done with that (early 2010) he will "look into" making the mobile app work on Web OS. (Pretty sure this one is well well well above my skill set)

    I love my Pixi as its leaps and bounds better than the Treo 650 I just got rid of after about 4 years, but I use these 3 things on a daily bases and miss them a bunch. I carry my 650 in my bag just so I can have them at work, but thats a pain and I can't wait till stop doing that. I figure numbers 1 and 2 can probably be done by you awesome dev types on here pretty easy or even by myself if I had too. I figure #3 is pretty much gone for a while due to copyright issues and it being too complex of a program for me to tackle by myself, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait for classic emulator to come out for the pixi or wait for the orig guy to make it web OS compatible.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    There are several flight log programs in the app catalog.
    There are several resources out there, google works best. The patches I have created was by trial and error and looking at other devs work on here. The pre doesn't have a category field yet so that will probably be one hinderance. There are several timer apps that you could look at for a start.

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