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    I did a search for this with no results so I'm just going to ask.

    I was wondering if the current on-screen keyboard patch will ever get Multitouch functionality similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I've been using the on-screen patch and while its great to have it starts to become a chore to type with. However on my iPod Touch, I can type paragraphs very easily and quickly eliminating a need for a physical keyboard. Its Multitouch ability allows for a faster typing experience rather than the one-key-at-time method.
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    50+ views and no response? That's unheard of in the Cross-Platform Forum.
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    I agree with your statement and I'm frankly tired of having to do something that could take a simple multi-touch input.
    Such as sym+key or shift+letter
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    +1 would be nice to have a setup like that and less of a headache...and if possible a quicker load up time......would it be possible to have the keyboad only in the landscaoe mode??

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