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    I just went to use the Roam only patch in Phone Prefs and it was not showing up.So I uninstalled and reinstalled and it give me an ikp error. But I can installed the one to the device menu and it seems to work. I thought you had to have the first one installed first for the other to work.
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    I never could get that patch to work on my phone. Same thing: installed it, multiple reboots, never showed up in the phone preferences. I have used both the advanced phone menu patch and the roam only in device menu patches with success.
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    That patch didn't work I created one that did. This one works well on 1.3.1
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    I installed the one that lets you turn roam only on from the device menu and it works but I can't get the data to work. That is when I have it set to Sprint only, if I leave it like that no data. But if I switch the phone to the automatic and allow data in roam then it works. So will it not work to leave it set to sprint only and then turn on the roam only and get data?
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    I guess it will I just wanted the option back in my phone preferences that is why I fixed the patch that was out there. I didn't want to mess with my menus just yet.
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    ok that worked just great thank you.

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