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    often just after I enter something to search a website with into univ. search, I want to search that same thing with a different website (after editing, I have 17 search engines in my univ. search) and wishing that I had copied the query to the "clipboard" so that I don't have to type it all in again. If I wanted anything else copied at that time, I can allways go back to its card, so I wouldn't mind if univ. search saved my latest search to my clipboard. It would actually help a lot, and would take me to search results faster
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    or else, another answer to this problem would be suggestions to complete words, phrases and searches ( I'd like this everywhere in webos but I guess its not a google/android phone), or an application that saves searches. But neither of these are patches, but in the meantime, is the auto copy search query even doable?

    edit. Or instead of a saved search app, universal search could save your queries in a drop box that opens when you click a button on the right side of the text box, so you can click a saved search, and it puts it in the text box, so that you can then tap a search engine
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