Attn programmers...

I would really appreciate it if one of you could please help me solve this problem I am having.

For business purposes I MUST have a blocked caller ID on my PRE. However when I need to call a friend or family I want them to know who is calling so I add "*82" in front of those numbers to reverse the ID blocking and expose my number to those individuals when I call them.

The problem comes when I go to send one of those people a text message.

The STUPID messaging program does not IGNORE the *82 and the message always comes back as invalid destination.

I have a workaround by adding another number for those callers that works by adding (txt) to the end of another entry with their phone number but this is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE **** workaround.

This should be a very simple patch to write. Just strip out *82 when sending any text messages and it's done.

I wish I could do it myself.

Im a freaking web developer...I don't know JACK!

thanks for anyone who can help.