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    WebOS internals has instructions on how to modify the carrier string:

    Patch webOS Change Carrier String - WebOS Internals

    If you look in the accuweather app code there is a URL that returns an XML file with all of the weather data.

    The accuweather code also has a XML parsing routine. Im not a javascript guy, but it seems like it should be possible to splice some of the accuweather code into the bar assistant to replace the carrier code with the temp. It seems like it would be difficult to replace the zipcode string from an app. perhaps on the patch install you could enter your zipcode. Hmm.

    What do you guys think?
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    Definitely a big +1 on this. That'd be freaking awesome!
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    that would be banging to have the temp in the top corner since we can t put it on the homescreen without having an app or card open
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    I agree that this would be a very functional long as it didn't drain my battery instantly, I'd love to use it as well!
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    It would be cool if we could have it flip back and forth, because I have my name where the carrier string is for security measures.
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    That is accuweather's own proprietary, copyrighted xml feed, and not in the public domain. There are apparently many free weather data sources as someone said in the last thread that was posted on this topic.
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    Bump. Please oh please some genius make this work!
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    +1 for sure. Should totally be possible as well,maybe evenwith small icons. The current city, state would also be super awesome.
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    i like this... +1
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    somebody should ask jason
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    Would it use GPS for current location then report that temperature? I can see that being useful. I made a patch request to put the cpu temperature where the carrier string goes and someone suggested that the cpu drain would make it not worth the trouble. I really don't care, my Pre practically lives on a charger anyways.
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    temp on top bar would be nice. so would being able to see the core temp of pre without using govnah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malecslomas View Post
    +1 for sure. Should totally be possible as well,maybe evenwith small icons. The current city, state would also be super awesome.

    If you need your phone to tell you which city and state you're in in addition to the weather conditions where you are standing then well . . . I'm thinking you got spun around a few too many times playing pin the tail on the donkey as a child.

    Right now with no phone or weather info posted in sight of me I can ttell by looking out the window that I'm in Las Vegas, NV and the sun is up which means its f***ing hot outside already.

    Now if I wanted to know the weather in Eastern Europe yeah . . I'd need some sorta thing to tell me that.

    Apologies in advance . . . I was having one of those dreams this morning and my fiance decided to wake me up to discuss wedding ideas. Grrrrr . .what about MY needs!
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