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    Quote Originally Posted by tarirene View Post
    Landscape view in pdf is already available as a patch through preware (Enable Landscape PDF Viewer).

    Ok, so I found a way to get rid of the page count ("1 / 100" for example); the arrows are still there though with my method. And I'm still not convinced you'd want to get rid of them (there doesn't seem to be another way to scroll through pages). Patch is attached; it won't interfere with any other patches for the pdf viewer.

    As I thought, the two requests of the OP are way beyond me. It's not the first time someone's complained about it though; palm should get on this! PDF viewer in its current form really does suck.

    Edit: This shouldn't be used in conjunction with pdf redux; they modify the same file.
    This picture show us that: the pdf view not fit the screen (you can see the black bar at the bottom)

    So you can sold this by using this step:

    1. open file: document-assistant.jsjsjs

    2. approximate line 786 (I don't remember exactly)
    after the line:
    // TODO FIXME: plugin wants unscaled coordinates, but here we pass it coordinate/1.5
    // var width = this.controller.window.innerWidth;
    // var height = this.controller.window.innerHeight - headerHeight;

    You can see two lines:
    var width = 480;
    var height = 702;

    3. Change height=702 to height = 800.

    4. Save and restart device.

    5. Enjoy it!

    You can see the pdf full screen, (except the bar ).
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    ah, here is the result ^^
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hi Tarirene!

    Do you know the code to hide the bar (time, WiFi, battery...) at the top of phone screen when open the app?

    thank you.
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