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    Would love to be able to set up a ringtone for Unknown Callers. My Treo 650 I just got rid of had it, but the Pixi doesn't. I'm on call for my work and they block caller ID so I miss knowing it was work just by the ringtone.
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    Looks like I'm the only one that thinks this is important...bump it back up into view so maybe I'll get a xmas present patch haha....

    Thanks in advance for you're help developer guys/girls.
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    I really liked that feature on my Treo 755p. Still have "Who are You" by the Who as my ringtone for an unknown caller.
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    Yeah there are a lot of ringtone related features that would be nice to have stock and this is one of them. Once someone is in contacts you can alter behaviors but not for just an unknown caller. I guess if you set a ringtone for every single person in the address book it would have the same effect but that is just lame.
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    I have individual ringtones for the people I talk to most, one ringtone for everyone else in my contacts, and one ringtone set as the default in the Sounds and Ringtones menu. So, obviously, I know who it is with the individual ringtones, know that it is someone I know with the second ringtone, and when I hear that third ringtone, I know it is someone I don't know and may not want to speak to. I actually had a lot of fun choosing just the right song/music for those people I gave individual ringtones to and choosing a song for those unknown types (lyrics: "Who do you think you are, barging in on me..." Another Day, from Rent), but will admit that doing that is not everyone's cup of tea.
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    I may have a solution for your problem. I often go to's Send SMS page so I can send a web address or whatever to my phone. Before, it used to display an actual number on my phone as the sender of the SMS, even though it was Sprint. Now, when I send SMS through the website, it shows up on my messenger app as "unknown". I started thinking that maybe it could be added to my contact list. I clicked on the top bar of the messenger app and sure enough, it popped up with the dialog for Add New Contact. When I selected it as such, it opened the new contact box up and had "unknown" as the number. I could then set a custom ringtone for that contact with the SMS Tones Per Contact patch. I haven't tried this completely but I think it is a possibility. Let me know if it works for you.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll have to give that a shot and see how it turns out...Now I just have to try this and hope to get called out to work..haha
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    Quick update...So I did the above procedure and it let me save "unknown" as a contact with the number as "unknown". I set up a ringtone for it via the contacts method and had a buddy call me using *67 to block their caller ID. Unlike the Treo where that would have come up "No Caller ID" just like my work does it came up as "blocked number" and used my default ringtone. Disappointed but still hoping that this works since it showed up blocked number instead of unknown number. Guess now I just have to sit back and wait on work to call.....only I actually want them to call so I'm sure they wont need me for a while...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Cornholio View Post
    Guess now I just have to sit back and wait on work to call.....only I actually want them to call so I'm sure they wont need me for a while...
    Haha just call the desk and ask them to call your phone so you can test something out...
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    well work called me and unfortunitely this trick didn't work. Still used my default tone maybe someone will figure it out soon

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