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    I once had the Instinct S30. The phone app was soooo awesome!! Has anyone else seen that phone app?

    It doesn't list someone's phone number 20 times in a row if they called that many times and no one else called in between!!!

    The Pre Phone app should show just the phone number once, tap it or swipe to see more options which would include showing history of that number where there it would show the number 20 times and the time stamp of each time they called. The history would also show incoming and outgoing to that number. And of course you could just tap the green call icon at the bottom to call instantly if you don't want to go into the history.

    Does anyone want to see a better phone app that has those features I have listed that I took solely from the Instinct S30's Phone App?

    Is anyone working on a patch for the Phone App?

    I am very much appreciative to all of the developers who are genius's in my book, and work so hard to make the Pre the way it should be anyway!!

    Thanks guys.
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    +1 sounds like a good idea
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    I agree it sounds like how the phone should of come. I dont understand why palm never looked at all the features they had in previous phones and then add to them. Its like they started from scratch. It just does not make sense to me.
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    That would be great, i think its a waste to keep showing the same number. i think this is a great idea.
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