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    Now I know that previously people have asked whether it would be possible to have a patch to allow for a Facebook contact to be deleted from the phone without being deleted from Facebook however my idea is slightly different...

    Is it possible to just hide certain contacts (facebook or otherwise) from the contact list? So they are technically still there but can be hidden...Maybe in a similar way to that used to hide the NFL app or the Music Player app.

    Undoubtedly there will now be a few people who tell me that it doesn't matter having all those contacts in my contact list and that I should be searching for contacts using 'Universal Search' and therefore 100's of facebooks contacts shouldn't be an issue but tbh I use both - (sometimes I forget I have a smartphone and scroll through my contact list to find someone! Archaic I know but that's how I am sometimes )

    I've said in other threads that I'm no developer and so this again may be something that is impossible but I just thought I'd throw it out there!
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    +1 I sometimes like to scroll through my contacts also, and would like to hide unwanted ones.

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