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    here is something that popped up when i was googling about finding/searching for word(S) in a web page. its talking about iphone booklets on the palm pre. these "shortcuts" work on the pre (atleast with iphone spoofer on), but only on that one page, because you can't sync bookmarks to palm pre (i read, havnt tried).

    word search on page and open link to new card (directly) is all i really care about. could these javascripts be made into patches? best scenario in my mind is that the open link to new card javascript could be put into a patch that just has me tap/hold in the gesture area, and the search for a word in current page is added to a button at the bottom like the other two patch buttons i just saw.

    what say you?
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    I say I looked at this and its a little over my head but I would think somebody here could make this work!
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    my patch to open the url from the context menu neither work so something needs to be done. this seems super cool
    i had thoughts about this in my head lol
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    ohhh i noticed theres a find widget...maybe someone with the experiece can create one for the browser id really would like to have this feature !

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    yeah, the browser needs it
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