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    Seriously took so much time to fix one file, used EPR, took only 20 mins max to uninstall and install all patches w one click. All those EPR people were right.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I found this on another thread:

    "ok, so i think i finally got it to work. here are my steps:

    1) opened preware > installed package list > patches
    2) uninstalled any patch affecting the browser, for me this included: change number of bookmarks on start page; new card button; and slider blocks orientation change. In between each patch, I told it to restart luna Later, and then restarted Luna after all 3 were uninstalled.
    3) reopened preware once luna had restarted
    4) uninstalled bookmarks list button patch
    5) restarted luna
    6) reopened preware and installed Bookmarks Tile button, Change Number of Bookmarks on Start Page, New Card Button, and Slider Blocks Orientation Change without restarting Luna until all were installed
    7) restarted luna and was finally happy with 1.4.5


    I uninstalled all patches related to browser and restarted luna. Then was able to uninstall the Bookmark Tiles patch. Restarted luna again and installed the patches I wanted for browser. All good. Thanks John!
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    This patch has been updated to work with webOS 2.0.x and has been submitted to be updated in Preware.
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