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    Can someone make a patch that disables the wired headset mode, but not the headphone jack altogether? In other words, I still want to be able to use the jack to listen to music or hook it up to a stereo system to play music.

    On a side-note, applying pressure to the back of the phone near the jack is what causes it to switch on and off...I believe water might have caused this. Is it even possible to examine the headphone jack inside without voiding the warranty? (by opening up the phone past the battery case)
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    actually, this is a problem with everything, I realize now why I haven't been hearing phone calls or thinking I missed them. i want to disable this jack completely. how do I do it? Is there a way or would I need a patch? thanks. Please help me! Thanks ahead of time!
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    Reviving this because I want some kind headset mode toggle in device menu or something. I'm getting more and more of stuck in headset mode issue.

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