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    OK, Hopefully I can explain this correctly. When we receive more than one email or text message we are only able to see the most current message. Is there any way we can swipe down to see the other text messages or emails we have missed without going into the app itself? I thought maybe it would be possible since we no longer are able to swipe down to minimize the notification. If that's not possible what if each notification is shown then instead of the most recent?
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    yessss!! +1
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    1000% yes
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    oh yeaa please!
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    Yeah I would love t o be able to see all of the notifications. I think the notifications bar is big on its own. Wouldnt mind it shrunk a tad with a smaller font and then expand to show all notifications with the ability to scroll through them all. Maybe have it default to show latest of each but a little arrow on top ^ which if clicked or swiped up from notifications will expand all.
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    Agree 100%

    Would be sweet to use the gestures for different results. For example the back gesture to dismiss and the forward gesture to cycle through the different notifications.
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    Bump? Is this possible?
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    Would love to see this. Perhaps swipe right to clear a single notification and swipe left to clear the entire stack (or vice versa).

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