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    fritos1406: Would it be possible to make a variant of this patch that either works with or encompasses Jason Robitaille's "Swap Reply2All for Move" patch? I like having a Move button, as I use GMail and move email to All Mail, but I also like seeing the actual I'm torn between these two patches.
    yeahhh it in a bit

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    I have uploaded a new Email replace icons with words. it also swaps the move button for the reply all. soo if u want both options download the Email-Move-Alternative.patch

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    I can't install any patch since I updated my prprpr $to$ $1$.$3$.$5$ $I$ $get$ $a$ $error$ $messag$
    cannot satisfy the following dependencies for org. instead of icons:
    collected error:
    errorGenericMethodException:Failure During " install operation.
    I get this on every patch I try to install. I can't find the emergency patch removal in preware
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    Awesome; thanks
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    I bomb installing "Actual words instead of icons"


    HUNK #1 failed at 72.
    1 out of 1 hunk failed

    Failure during post install script execution.

    Can this be installed via WebOsQuick Install ? Bombs using Preware
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    Bombs there as well, i'd love a 1.4 version
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    Thank you
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