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    yeah really missing the ability to take photos with the volume keys.
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    Ditto. I also miss the ability to take pictures with volume keys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littledutch View Post
    thanks for the patch, however, one problem. After updating to the latest palm update when reapplying the capture with volume keys patch, I got though the whole process then got an error (sorry I can't tell you what it was). IPKG error of some sort. Oddly the patch works, but I cant see that it is installed in QI or Preware. I've seen several post where people are having problems removing this patch. Any suggestions?
    I want to know who created this patch (Capture with Volume Keys) because, for me, I updated for WebOS 1.4.0 but now I can not capture with volume keys. The patch is installed but I just see the volume up and down when I press volume in camera. I tried to remove and re-install but it's allways the same; no capture. Could you fix that please? Thank you
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    Alas poor Patch, I knew it well ... well that's what Shakespeare would say if had a pre! ...

    One of my favorites!
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    EDIT - my bad - wrong patch, wrong thread.
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    can a patch add some sort of zoom?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reynamvictor View Post
    this work on
    Nope. I doctored to install Had to reload everything. The patch still doesn't work. Too bad no one can figure it out. It's a great patch.
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    Patch now works!!! Just updated via Preware. Though i am on Verizon and running 1.4.0 still, can't say anything about compatibility with 1.4.1 or
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