We've been going back and fourth about the pandora quality issues and blackbird34608 figured out the solution but dosent know how to make it into a patch. Here is what he wrote:

Make the following changes to the following files inside /var/usr/palm/applications/com.palm.pandora/app/core/

app_globals.jsjsjs $Line$ $37$ $change$ $to$
this.networkType = AppGlobals.NETWORK_WIFI;

device_services.jsjsjs $Line$ $106$ $change$ $to$
AppGlobals.networkType = AppGlobals.NETWORK_WIFI;

device_services_depreciated.jsjsjs $Line$ $106$ $change$ $to$
AppGlobals.networkType = AppGlobals.NETWORK_WIFI;

This would probably work by making only the first 2 changes, perhaps even by only making the second change. I have not tested it like that though.

I dont know how to make patch files. It would be cool if someone wanted to add this to Preware's list of patches and call it "Force High Quality in Pandora" or something..

Thank you in advance for your help!