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    Is it possible to create a patch so there is only an ON or OFF toggle for WiFi and Bluetooth in the Top Bar? It is kind of annoying to have to press WiFi or BT, then wait for the sub-menu to populate just to turn it on or off. And if it could be compatible with the other Top Bar patches, that would be even better!
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    It's been done. Check Preware Topbar patches.
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    i dont see it. Yes, annoying to tap 3 times for wifi.
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    Not sure if there's a true "one touch" patch to toggle BT & Wi-Fi via the Top Bar.

    The only patches I use add Data & GPS options to the Top Bar though:
    Preware - Available Packages - Patch - Top Bar:
    Data in Device Menu
    GPS in Device Menu
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    +1 I would like this patch too.
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    This may be the closest. It gives you a drop-down that includes: brightness adjustment, wi-fi, bluetooth, and GPS. Pretty great stuff from Jason:
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