View Poll Results: Would you use Gesture Area + four keys on the Keyboard as a D-Pad?

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  • Yes, I like moving the cursor with a D-Pad

    53 84.13%
  • No, I prefer moving the cursor with Orange + Finger Slide

    10 15.87%
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    yeahh its nott..unless we use a different combo holding like an altkey+gesture+gesture lol
    is that doable>?
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    I was curious whether or not this information makes it over to Palm? All of these requests, where most of the patches should have come with the dang Pre to begin with, are such great ideas. How do we know if someone here at Precentral is working on something that Palm has coming out in the next update?

    I mean, there are some really intelligent software people on this site. Some, if not most, of them are right up there with the knowledge level of Palms Engineers (that's strictly an opinion of mine that I can't back up one bit though!) Does Palm interact with anyone from this site to maximize efficiency?
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    **** backspace is currently delete a whole word.

    i think what drewjohn meant was to delete the character on the right to the cursor.

    i j l m would work for me!
    if not orange space bar and period to go left and right is great too
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    I would still love to hear from any developers if they think this is even possible.

    Look at that poll.. really think this patch would be a hit (and wish I knew how to do it!)

    So can this even be done, guys?
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    Seeing as how we now have a new community of Verizon users and developers, I thought I'd throw this out there again. Perhaps a new member to our WebOS community might be up for the challange of turning four keys on our keyboard into a D-pad by pressing the gesture area?

    Still think this would be a phenomenal user experience improvement for WebOS.

    Here's hoping there are some developers out there that feel the same way...

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    Bump Again. I would love love love this patch.
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    As I've been thinking about this concept, it's seemed to me the dream would be to have the gesture area, not keys or some combination, operate as a d-pad. The d-pad mode would be enabled temporarily like a caps lock by hitting the shift and sym keys simultaneously, or maybe double-tapping the sym or alt ("orange") key. Once the mode was activated, simply sliding your finger up, down, left or right of the center point of the gesture area would be the equivalent of the d-pad ring on the Centro and other Palms. It's a very intuitive function, would be nearly identical to the way Palm has always done things. Why isn't it already an option?
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