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    I just discovered this patch in Preware the other day. It opens the Clock app directly to the alarm list, saving you a few seconds of your life every evening when you set the alarm. I was thrilled to find it. It is a must have for anyone who uses the Pre as an alarm clock.

    I looked for a thread to say thanks and couldn't find one. I emailed akamil and he responded that he had not started a thread because the patch was "pretty simple". The humility of this guy!

    So here it is, the official Open to Alarm List thread. I hope this thread both turns people onto the patch and provides an opportunity for them to say thanks to akamil.

    But to do that, first we must find akamil and get him into the thread.

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    Where is your gratitude people?
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    So amazing. Love all the patches for the clock. Have missed more classes since switching to the pre simply because I was lacking these.

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