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    1)patch for: middle button turns on led flash light

    2)battery monitor % DPH only! Added to the top header

    3)camera zoom
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    anyone working on thes patches or does anyone else have any more patch ideas? I love the patches. Its what makes this phone worthy of waiting for Palm.
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    I would like a patch that highlights the battery percentage AND the date when u click on the topbar, as both of them are greyed out. There is something similar, but instead of making the date white, it removes it. When all the days blend together like they do, I like to know what the date is! (yes I have theshow date in carrier string mob installed and I LOVE that!
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    For request #11, see "Launcher Page Selection Tabs" patch.
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    The list has gotten smaller since its orginal post. But still trying to keep this thread and patch ideas alive.

    1. Able to edit main screen launcher icons, adding more, or able to move launcher icons where we want on the main screen.
    2. Gadgets able to put on front main screen, weather, whatever.
    3. Background able to change to a certain image based upon GPS location.
    4. Phone preferences change according to GPS locations and to what we set them to change for that GPS locations.
    5. Be able to put large clock or time piece on front main screen.
    6. The current repeat notificaitons could have more options, such as repeat only 5 times, also time intervals for repeating the notificaitons such as every 5 minutes and so on.
    7. Front dashboard similar to the Palm Treo755p. Where you can view all in one shot your email count, calendar appointments for the day, tasks, date and time.
    8. Program the button on screen to do something, allow user to program this button to launch whatever we choose.
    9. Weater on front screen. Changes according to GPS location.
    13. Be able to set the phone to turn off functions according to GPS setting or time. Such as when at home turn off bluetooth. Or at 10PM turn off bluetooth and wifi and so on.
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