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    Make the ActiveHomeScreen app the default screen. Enable universal search in this app. Make the calendar show all the other info from the other calendars and birthdays.
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    Is this app found any where, I kind of thought development stopped.
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    japomani, in you signature I see you have followed Palm as I have... only you got me on a couple devices.

    I haven't found any home screen apps, is there any that work?
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    Sadly the genetleman who was working on this is no where to be found
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    I had an early beta of this and it was really great. It obviously needed more development- a shame that there doesn't seem to be any.
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    If this idea could be put into a patch with the ability to add what we wanted to the home screen, this would put the Pre over the top for me. Hopefully someone will put this together soon.
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    Mapara was the gentleman that was working on it and it was a great app!!!! Sadly though nothing has been done with it in a long time. the latest version i recieved with the swiping for contacts, calender, and weather was awesome on the display really liked that option!!!!
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    Hopefully either he comes back or someone is able to pick up where he left off.

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