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    Wonder if there is a way to toggle all notifications (e-mail, SMS, Twee. etc.)? I'd like to leave the Pre by my bed at night, but the constant buzz of 4 e-mail accounts, Twee, etc. makes it rather difficult to sleep. I'd rather not have to go in and change 5 or 6 prefs every night. Would prefer a simple top-menu solution.

    I realize the Data Toggle might do the same thing, but I still want to receive the messages; I just don't always want to hear them.

    Or maybe I'm an ***** -- wait, don't comment on that -- and there's a simple system preference I'm missing?
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    I'm honestly not sure what exactly the Data toggle will do (other than turning off data) so I haven't used it either. I'm agreed on this as well though, I'd really like a way to turn off the notification sounds as well. It's critical I can get phone calls however, so I'd need it to silence the notifications without losing the ringtone, which isn't currently possible (at least, it's not as far as I have been able to discover, which may have something to do with my patches).

    Just to have the info out here, I'm on Sprint, version 1.3.1, and running the SMS Tone Per Contact Patch (amongst MANY others, LOL).



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    At the risk of being flamed, I'll bump this. Doesn't anyone else suffer from incessant notifications at inopportune times?

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