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    I would like to request a patch and need to find out if this would be useful for anyone else.

    I made request once before but never got any kind of replies. I think it was because I made it too complicated.

    The Pre has wonderful 'search' features, so just like in MS Outlook when you are in an INBOX, you can sort or search out messages by certain criteria such as 'from', 'subject', 'date', etc..

    But unlike Outlook, you can not delete the resulting searched results.

    Would anyone like to be able to 'Delete All' or 'Move All'?

    That is the function I am requesting, are there any patcher's out there that would like to look into this.

    I'm willing to make the regular donation for this, as I'm sure if others are interested in this would be.

    Thank you!

    Again, is anyone else interested in this kind of feature?

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