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    I know this has probably brought up a few times, but does anyone know where in the code the setting may be and how we can create a patch that allows us to make it adjustable? The creator of TXT Manager was able to do this, but I suspect the functionality was simply created from scratch. Modifying the notification-assistant.jsjsjs was suggested however, causes the message tone AND vibrate to occur, which is less than desirable, especially during the night. If we go with this notification-assistant.jsjsjs $hack$, $can$ $someone$ $help$ $create$ $an$ $function$ $to$ $check$ $if$ $the$ $ringer$ $switch$ $is$ $set$ $to$ $vibrate$ $or$ $not$? $i$.$e$. $if$ $ringer$ $switch$ $on$, $do$ $not$ $vibrate$ $otherwise$, $vibrate$ $for$ $set$ $duration$. $Option$ $A$- $determining$ $where$ $the$ $vibrate$ $function$ $is$ $set$ $would$ $be$ $most$ $ideal$, $but$ $Option$ $B$ $would$ $be$ $ok$ $too$. $I$'$m$ $not$ $totally$ $versed$ $in$ $the$ $coding$, $but$ $I$ $understand$ $the$ $intentions$ $of$ $certain$ $portions$ $of$ $code$. $Thanks$ $in$ $advance$!
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