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    I don't know if this is a side effect of all the patches, or inherent to 1.3.1, but every time a phone call ends, the ringer display pops up. Attached is a pic. It also occurs when first picking up a phone call and is quite annoying. Is this what changed in 1.3.1 and if so, can we get a patch for this?
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    Heh It seems to happen at other random events as well. This started to appear about the same time that my device info dropdown started activating when I'd tap the launcher bar or notifier area. At least i'm pretty sure they appeared at the same time.
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    If memory serves me right, both instances are patch related. I believe I remember seeing the "ringer display" problem in the Silence Notifications while on a call thread. The other one about the device info coming up when you tap the launcher bar was happening to me for a while but after a visit to the DR and a fresh install of patches it went away. I don't know what was causing it but I had a couple of lingering themes that wouldn't go away. Finally doctored the phone and that issue hasn't returned.

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