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    For ages i was having problems installing the patch 'SMS Tone Per Contact' and it turnes out that the problem was a different patch that was preventing it from being installed correctly.

    To get the patch working you have to remove a patch called 'Select Alert and Notification Tones' then install 'SMS Tone Per Contact'.

    If the patch still doesn't install then I don't know what the problem is.

    Hope this is of great help!
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    how do you install a patch? where do you go to install it at? im trying to install a patch for sms tone per contact, i seen the code but i dont know what to do or where to put it at...
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    You can use webos quickinstall or Preware.
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    IMO as a non tech savy person, use WebOS Quick Install to load Package Service/Preware and then use Preware on phone to do all the patches, etc... it is very easy to do.

    Go to the Homebrew section and look for those threads. Some people have had a hard time getting WOSQI loaded, but there are also threads with tips for that if you get stuck.

    Good luck and dont wait to do it, you will love your Pre so much more with the patches.
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    Here is how to install patches with either WebOS Quick Install or Preware:

    Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install

    Getting Started: Preware

    Either way you start with WebOS Quick Install.

    - Craig
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    yes install web os quick install first

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