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    I was wondering if anyone had any intention on writing a patch for this.

    Say you are messaging someone, be it a contact or just a number. Can you make a patch that would allow you to tap the contact or number and be able to call them. Similiar to the Blackberry where you would be able to scroll up to the number hit the BB menu key and choose to dial that number. I sometimes find myself having to minimize/maximize the convo card with the dialpad to make calls as of now.


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    When you say messaging, do you mean IM or text?
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    I thought if you tap on them now it brings the number up in the phone dialer
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    This already exists...

    When in the messaging card, scroll to the top and tap the name of the person you are messaging. This will bring you to their contact card. Tapping their number will call them.
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    Yeah that's why I was asking if the OP was using text or IM? I wasn't sure if it existed in IM (I'm assuming cuz of synergy that it existed in IM as well) but I knew it existed in text.
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    can someone write a patch to allow sending of sms when we enter a number on the dialpad in the phone app?

    right now only add to contacts is available. otherwise we only do it in just type/universal search.

    ability to do so in the phone app will allow to use the bigger number keys to key in the number for an sms.


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