Hey guys,

As the title says, a humble request to anyone with the technical knowledge to possible create a patch to switch the Data radio to 2G when the Pre has the wifi radio on, and when the wifi radio is off the Pre will then automatically revert back to 3G (Automatic only would be preferred, 3G may not always be available). Also perhaps a notifcation at the bottom stating data radios have been switched, would be awesome.

No one seems to be making a 2G-3G toggle in top menu bar patch =/, so this is the next best thing

This would really help imho, saves going into phone preferences and switching to 2G to conserve power, as the only main reason you would use 3G is for browsing, and if youre browsing via wifi, does it make sense to keep 3G on? Would be a big battery saver which is a luxury on the Pre.

Thanks in advance guys.