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    I noticed that I wanted this when I was listening to music on youtube, and turned off my screen to keep working. So then the music stopped and I had to go back to pandora, but I was trying to listen to a specific artist my buddy was telling me about(so pandora doesnt help much there). Half of all my youtube usage is to listen to music or find a song, so I think that there should be a patch that lets videos keep playing in the background.
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    in the video app, when going to a page about info about a video (but before playing the video) could a button or option be added to stream the audio from the video? so that I can listen wile having the screen off?

    would be good for podcasts that I can only find a video feed for
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    I would like this patch aswell
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    yes yes yes yes i have been wondering about this too. anybody got any idea on how to make this happen in a patch?
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    Yeah.. I suggested this like back in November but nothing ever came of it. I'd love a patch for this though.
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    I saw this patch on Preware about a week or two ago and had it installed. It worked well, but for some reason I no longer see it in Preware and I have since Doctored my Pre. Can somehow post this "Youtube running with screen off/in card view" patch?
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    preware patch
    called- no pause of video on screen change
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