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    I think under 1.2.1 this was possible but not now.

    I want my phone ringer to ring if I am asleep but I do not want to hear system notifications like incoming text messages or emails. Can we get a patch for the top bar menu allowing phone ringer on, but system sounds off?

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    If you go to Sounds & Ringtones on the launcher pad you can adjust the volume of system sounds or turn them off all together.
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    But an app to do that for night would be great!
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    I would like to have one that would turn off all the sounds each night at a designated time and come back on at a designated time. I know that this can be accomplished by moving the switch to vibrate only or go into airplane mode. However airplane mode stops all communications.
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    I think something like this would be the most useful. Brightness, the tone for each alert, i.e. ringer, SMS, v/m, etc. can be customized with each "profile" and set for different days of the week, and times specified. Multiple profiles could be made. Definitely one of the best apps from the Palm OS that I'd gladly pay someone to help create!

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