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    Fixed it. Ran the Emergency Reconstruction Patch.
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    So does this infact work with update ( or will it with the next ) and over all which one to use ?
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    With WebOS installed, I was able to install this patch. It's obviously not making the necessary change to the scaling_setspeed file. I noticed in /etc/init.d/ there are lines that set the phone's speed, in addition to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_setspeed. Is there any risk involved in manually editing the scaling_setspeed file, or in changing the speed declarations in
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    Hey GRYNV,

    You made an awesome patch! I was rolling along GREAT until 1.4 hit. Is this patch available/viable with the new update? Kudos to you for creating a great patch that was b/w the 500Mhz and fear-invoking 600Mhz. My phone was so snappy and peppy....Hope to get it back!
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    the patch doesn't say it isn't available for 1.4, so I assume I am using it at the moment.
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    Mine was removed prior to 1.4 install and currently isn't loading with the newer version of WOSQI. I'm getting an IPKG log error when loading the exact same 550Mhz script/patch. I used the emailed verison of the attachment as well as copying it line for line to make sure it was the same.

    Anybody else know anything about whether or not it's compatible with 1.4?
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    i just installed this patch with WEBOSQI and it went in like a charm -- it shows up as installed in preware and it may be hopeful thinking --not sure but it seems to be running somewhat better -- things are opening faster and i am seeing less of those new cards that show when an ap is opening

    i am on 1.4 by the way -- palm pre plus on verizon


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    Hopefully this SR patch will work with 1.4, after 4 months of using/enjoying the SR 500 patch I had to remove it because my screen kept freezing. Never had one problem before the update.
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    Same results here, noticeable increase in speed without the instability of the 600 patch. The 550 patch seems to be the perfect speed.
    The Saint
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    just installed it, at least I didn't got an PreBrick yet :-)

    It seems to be faster (browser eg.) but nothing I could measure.

    What I still have is stalls while playing something that uses the
    gyro sensor (orbland demo eg.)
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    i am really interested in these "overclocking" patches, but not enough info for 1.4. i am currently running SR500, but i'm getting greedy. love the pre, but still a little laggy. can anyone running this on 1.4 post how it's going?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No problems on 1.4 for the most part. I get the occasional lockup on restart but nothing a quick battery remove and replace won't fix.
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    Just installed on 1.4, noticeably quicker on launching applications, i will report back with any lockups..also monitoring battery to see its useage

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