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    If anyone has any free time, here is a great patch suggestion: to add the From/Sent/To/Subject fields to replies in the e-mail application. Without this information, the replies from the e-mail app seem very unpolished. It makes me not want to send messages from the Pre without this information. Is anyone else bothered by this?

    For example:

    Outlook replies with the following information:

    From: Bill Jones []
    Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2009 2:10 PM
    To: Fred Jones
    Subject: RE: Test Message

    Thank you.

    Whereas the Pre e-mail app replies:

    Bill Jones wrote:

    Thank you.
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    Wow! No one is interested in this?
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    Bringing post back to the top.
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    It looks like mikePre has created a patch to do just this. The patch is called "Replies Forwards Multi Mod". You need to first install the relevant Homebrew software to allow the patch to be installed. I used Preware, and it works very well.
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    The 'Replies Forwards Multi Mod' works really well, but my reply text is still Navy instead of Black like the patch description says it should be. Anyone else have this? I uninstalled the 'Replies/Forwards in Black Font' patch beforehand since it said they were not compatible.
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    Mine is navy blue as well.
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    The Messaging - Replies Forwards Multi Mod is exactly what you are asking for. However, it changes the font from Navy to Black. I suppose there could be a "Replies Forwards Multi Mod w/ Black Font"...... We'll see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Mine is navy blue as well.
    Ok, not just me. Guess I'll be editing the color value myself then



    Line 386

    Email.kSignaturePlaceholder = "<span style='font-family:Prelude, Calibri, san-serif; font-size:15px; color:navy;'><br><br></span><span id='signature'></span>";

    Change navy to black and good to go. I just used the Receive File / Send File function on WebOS Quick Install.
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