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    I'm not sure if this can be achieved with a patch: I have the problem, that I use the phone sometimes at night in the bed, playing around a bit with it. If I start the browser it recognizes that the device is in a horizontal position and turns the browser. But since I'm myself in a horizontal position too, I cannot read anything. So it would be nice to have a button to disable turn detection at all - or better - to manually select which position to display (eg. display the browser in horizontal mode while the device is in a vertical position).
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    I'd also like this.. This really bugs me when I'm being lazy and checking something online in bed!
    As there are Landscape patches for PDF Viewer, Docs, Email, etc., I assume this is doable?..

    EDIT: Seems like it's already (just!) been done:
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    Ah, cool - I'll try it
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    Nice idea, I too have the same problem ;-)

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