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    With previous Palm OS phones, the text messages only showed in the inbox when someone actually responded to it. Was still visible in the "Sent" folder, but only showed in the inbox when an actual conversation was started. Make sense? Would be handy to have the same functionality in webOS.

    I send a message to Jane Smith saying "Hi.", as it functions now, I'd see that message in my messaging app even though it was just a sent message and Jane hadn't replied. Would like to only have it show up when Jane responds.
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    Text messaging is a big feature for me.. i actually like it the way it is.. easier to keep track of who you sent a message too.. however a patch would offer the option of both, depening on your likes.
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    In PalmOS this was actually an option. If I recall correctly it didn't do it by default. Wish they hadn't nixed the 'Sent' box and kept this option there.

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